Interview with Southern Cumiford

M&S: How is the life in Hawaii?
SC: Awesome It's paradise! I'm thankful to be from such a beautiful place, thing I love most is that the ocean is always perfect temperature year round.

M&S: Who are yours favorites hip hop artists? and yours favorites locals hawaiian hip hoppers?
SC: Right now I don't have a favorite artist, theres so many great artist I couldn't say just one. Growing up Atmosphere was a big influence to me along with many others. Fav. Hawaii rapper: I'm really digging Kwalified Emcee from Oahu! His stage presence is Monster dudes going places.

M&S: Pepper it's certainly the most famous band from Hawaii... Do you know them?
SC: Pepper is a great band! I dont know the dudes personally but I used to go to Pepper house parties before they blew up!! Kona Town album is their best work!!

M&S: Love Notes feat Splinta is great! It's in you album HI TIMES... more collaborations with Splinta on the way?
SC: Yeah me and Rat Shambles got another track coming out on my follow up album dropping 2012, he'll probably make an appearance on everything I put out.

M&S: Did you will make a collab with Kimie Miner?
SC: Kimie is a good friend of mine and yes we are putting out a track together in the near future. She has the number 1 song in the State right now and is touring constantly, but when we get a moment it'll be legendary.

M&S: Who makes HI TIMES beats?
SC: All of my beats are done by: Kelii Behasa for DSM(deathstylemedia) recently within the last year ive also linked up with our newest crew member Dj Zig-One who is Djing live events, making beats and taking care of all graphic design(twentytwenty). The three of us together make it all possible.

M&S: Do you know FIRNlife a Lifestyle Collective promoting Social and Environmental Sustainability through Media, Art and Design?
SC: I know Firnlife, Haj (Gollestani) is a super cool dude and awesome at what he does. Big ups FIRN.

M&S: There is a sense of local Hawaiian separatism? What you think about this?
SC: To be honest yes, it's a small place with many different races of people, so separatism does occur. I blame alot of it on boredom, if I ever make a good amount of money I plan on building things for the next generation.

M&S: Mahalo! Thanks for the interview.
SC: Thanks Marlcon