Kid Mac "Nobody Sleep Nobody Get Hurt"

Novo single de Kid Mac "Nobody Sleep Nobody Get Hurt", que estará no seu ábum de estréia "No Man's Land", previsto para ser lançado Março/Abril de 2012. O clipe da música conta com imagens exclusivas de seu novo filme  "Fighting Fear".

Kid Mac is back with his new single NOBODY SLEEP NOBODY GET HURT from his upcoming debut album release "No Man's Land" (due for release March/April 2012).

The video displays a never-seen-before night surfing session at one of the world's most dangerous breaks known as "Ours". The concept was a brain child of 3 best mates - Kid Mac (Musician / Director), Mark Mathews (Pro Surfer) & Richie Vaculik (Pro Surfer/Fighter).

The footage is also featured in Kid Mac's upcoming film "Fighting Fear" starring Mark Mathews and Richie Vaculik.

"Ours" is situated in the opening of Sydney's Botany Bay and breaks only a few feet away from a cliff face and over shallow waters where razor sharp reef & rocks dwell beneath. It's breeded a number of casualties including a broken neck by Bondi Rescue Lifeguard and surfer Kobi Graham.

There is also the known factor of sharks lurking around the bay!

Mark & Richie (along with 3 other surfers) surfed 10ft + waves from midnight til sunrise.

This is the first time anyone in the world has surfed such life threatening waves at night!

Kid Mac turned this event into a concept to match the video for his new single "Nobody Sleep Nobody Get Hurt"!

The title speaks for itself, but a bigger underlying theme exists with the introduction of zombies and the idea of the 3 best mates pushing their dreams to the limit!