My Life

Photo by Claire Gorman

Sid Penn (My Life) a musician from Sydney Australia, Playing music from the age of 16 till now. Sid has grown to love music & has the passion to follow on and enjoy the life of the entertainment world.

In 2009 captured Sid playing bass for Australian Idol WInner Casey Donovan playing a line of shows across Australia including Brisbane , Sydney and Melbourne.
Sid was then also asked by Casey to perform her hit single "Shine" on ABC TV which was Sid's First ever T.V appeareance.

Sid is also known to play bass for artist such as KID MAC on live shows. Returning home from a US Tour recently with Mickey Avalon, the whole tour was a total success. Touring through California,Costa Mesa, Hollywood,Santa Ana, Texas (San Antonio, Dallas, Houston & Austin)
While in california playing back to back shows it caught the likes of Tre Cool (Green Day) to attend some of the shows and also hung out with the man himself he also invited the boys to a private Green Day show where they played 25 brand new songs on their new album (2012).
2011 saw Sid back up KID MAC around Australia in Support of Mickey Avalon, Dirt Nasty, Shawyze, The Beautiful Girls, Grinspoon, You Am i, Operator Please just to name a few. Touring to places such as : Sydney, Qld, Melbourne, Tasmania, Adelaide and Perth.
Kid Mac also asked Sid to join him on a special live performance @ MTV Australia HQ in Sydney were They Performed infront of a Sold Out Crowed.

Sid has been working on My Life for the past year writing and recording trying to get the best out of himself. Concentrating on music and putting away the party life for now. Sid is willing to push himself to limits where he hasnt reached before.

My Life will be launching there official Single in december 2011, Through iTunes and 35 other stores around the globe. Save Me is the track and it captures the life of being stuck on your own after the one u loved has moved on although Sid has put a little twist on this track and made it into a story.
Sid is already working on he's second single titled 'Rin' for future release in 2012.
Keep an eye open out for My Life i'm sure you will hear more from Sid.

M&S: How did you started to make music?
Sid: I starting playing music when I was in year 12 in high school , started my first punk rock band and ever since then I've had the love for music and continued on with this journey.

M&S: What's your favorite bands?
Sid: I grew up on punk rock music so theres quite a few hahaha. Pennywise, NoFx, Kottonmouth kKngs, blink 182 I also like Jordan Millar, Mat Mchugh and John Mayer good chilled out tunes.

M&S: Surf inspires My Life music?
Sid: I wouldn't say surfing has inspired my life music a little has to do with it but mainly skateboarding, that's all I would do when I was growing up, I remember riding our skateboards and catching a local punk rock band at an all ages avenues, and that's what made me want to start playing music.

M&S: You and Kieren French are longtime friends?
Sid: Yeah me and Kieren have been very close friends for 20 years now, we played in bands together in the past and thought it would be a great idea to get him in this project. I have a drummer aswell he's name is Anthony Blinoff you will be seeing more of him in our updates.

M&S: When My Life new music will be released?
Sid: Hard to say at the moment, we have been in and out of the studio for the last month working on our new single (Save Me) we still want to work on it abit more, we really want to make an impact when we release it. So I'm guessing at this stage early next year.

M&S: Any chance of My Life opening a Kid Mac show in Brazil?
Sid: hopefully! That would awesome! If we do it will just be me doing my solo thing. I also play bass for kid Mac on he's live shows so that would be cool to play before him. Especially if it's in Brazil!

M&S: How is to be on tour with Kid Mac?
Sid: Being on tour with Kid Mac is like being away with your close mates. Alot of fun and alot of drinking hahaha. Nah it's great you learn alot from each other and grow from it.

M&S: Any plans for a my life musicvideo?
Sid: Yeah 100% I'm actually writing a script for my first music video so there's one coming very soon with the single.