Drew Toonz Interview

Drew ("Andrew Miller") Toonz is an artist and animator living on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. For over a decade, Drew has been painting murals for the Triple Crown of Surfing, including the prestigious Pipeline Masters event. More recently, Drew's passion is in animation, and he has produced several films for Volcom, the North Shore Lifeguard Association, the rock band PEPPER and the Global Mana Foundation. As a featured artist at the Green Room Festival in Yokohama, Japan 2011, he is highly recognized as an artist within the international art and surf art community.

M&S: How did you start to make draws? 
Drew: I started drawing pictures of dinosaurs and Spiderman at a young age.

M&S: How you turn you art professional?
Drew: My big break in animation came when Volcom asked me to do "Dawn of the Stone-Age"

M&S: How begin the work with Pepper?
Drew: Pepper used to watch my cartoons on their tour bus, and called me up to do some jobs for them... I started with some flyers and did their latest album cover.

M&S: What inspires your art and your draws?
Drew: Life death and everything in between.

M&S: How the surf inspires your art?
Drew: Surfing is pretty much the coolest thing to do as a sport and hobbie... it's almost like a religion.

M&S: How comes the idea for Surf Skool?
Drew: I used to teach surfing on north shore... although its exagerated alot of the ideas came from my life.

M&S: Who are your favorite artist?
Drew: I like the animators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who made South Park.

M&S: What's your favorites bands?
Drew: I like Pepper, and The Strokes.

M&S: And your favorite surfers?
Drew: Kelly Slater, Johnny Stone (Surf Skool), Bruce Irons.