Danielle Zirk Profile

AKA: Zirk
DOB: June 18
Born: New Haven, Conn.
Resides: Earth…Kailua-Kona, Hawaii to be exact.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 120
Stance: Goofy
Sponsors: Kaenon Polarized, San Lorenzo Bikini, Susan Knight Photography, Carve Clothing, and Walker Surfboards.
Shaper: Mike Walker, of The Walker Project. He’s based out of California and has a really amazing understanding about high performance boards in all waves. His boards took me to the next level when I was surfing in Florida, and I’m excited to get a new batch! He’s very in tune with the surfer and the board. It helps that he’s a surfer himself as well as an amazing artist that can understand all sides of what I love to do. I’m thankful and lucky for him, and his boards!
Magic Stick: Their all magic in their own way...I don't really get attached to things, including boards, but I find myself more curious, testing new boards, new ideas I find myself finding a little attachment to particular ones. Just as long as I have something to ride I'm happy!
Training Ground: Anywhere there is waves. Haven't been surfing too long, but for the majority of my surfing, I surfed some perfect waves in St. Augustine Beach Florida, Sebastian Inlet, Reef Road, and pretty much anywhere in Florida and Puerto Rico. But basically everywhere is training grounds. In and out of the water all things relate to surfing/art in one way or another and are the biggest staples of my life. Everything that goes on in my life is focused/scheduled around surf. Any condition, I just love being in the ocean, it doesn't judge, keeps you humble at all times, and if you don't know what your doing  it will teach you a thing or two so you learn.
Favorite Wave: I love them all...a few places come to mind but I'm not gonna blast em'.
Favorite Maneuver: Personally, I love surfing backside...backside snaps...but watching other people surf I would go for clean power snaps and or airs(which I hope one day to figure out)!!!
Inspirations: Well firstly Rell Sunn whom has been a provider in more ways then I ever imagined in my life this past two years, my amazing and legendary boyfriend Sam, who pushes me and believes in my every move, my father who raised two kids while he was still a kid with no money or a place to go, my brother for growing up at the age of 4 to take care of his baby sister, my entire family of course, all the people who DID NOT believe in me, and all the people who DO believe in me, my dog who shows me how to truly love and to live, and for the people who stood by my side through this last year. It's inspiring to know that are are people out there who still can think for themselves, can live outside of comfort, and can see people for who they. I'm inspired by the people who have an undying, confidence in them-self no matter who is looking or judging. I'm inspired by the fact that lies always come out, good always prevails, and with hard work/love for everything around you really does pay off. I'm inspired by the people who are what they say, and live with out feat of fitting in or living to please others to get what they want out of life. No reward needed, just love because it's in their nature. I'm inspired by those who know they can do anything, and bring noting but positive power to the world through their work, talents, and beautiful spirit. <3 And after the last 5 years of my life, I inspire myself because I helped myself out of the dark, stayed positive and TRUE to myself, and through the most uncomfortable times when I felt totally alone, I knew that one day, just as my character would grow and I would find my dreams regardless to the obstacles put before me. I learned how to be my best friend and to be more compassionate to my feelings and what I was going through. I gain unbreakable wisdom that sits deep within me comfortable, peaceful, and untouchable. No one, no opinion, no lies, no nothing can take that away from me and the impact that has on my life, my surfing, and my artwork. The power in knowing, the power in understanding, and the power of becoming wiser for the positive growth of life is the most rewarding prize one can receive from the earth…next to love, and waves!!!
Favorite Quote: “All Wars are won in the heart.”
Upcoming Projects: I’m working with several people this year on amazing projects that I am so excited about. You can look on my website zirk.me for upcoming surf and art projects such as, my work being featured in “Surf Stories”, work with Susan Knight Studios, Dana Richardson, the Dana Mermaid, San Lorenzo, Kaenon Polarized, Womens Surf Style Magazine, Hawaii Island Surfing Association, and a few art shows around the world!