Yoga Alchemy Jen Liming

I have practiced and taught Ashtanga, Kundalini, Bikram, Anusara & others forms of yoga for over 18 years, plus completed Deepak Chopras Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga. I am very inspired by primordial sound meditation, sacred geometry, and the Aurevedic sciences. Jen Li

Through the practice of these disciplines, I became aware that we are much more than our perceived physical vehicles.  It is at this juncture that I became interested & mindful of the subtle energy bodies as they relate to our chakra systems and how the infusion of the Cosmic Divine Feminine (Shakti) relates to the totality of the evolution of our species through the double helix bond.

To further explore, I teamed up with a neurobiologist and research team to experiment, experience and enrich my/our current genetic trajectory as human beings. We explored life changing brain-wave entrainment, advanced mind-mapping technologies, meditation techniques and quantum probabilities. It was if these mechanisms where the Schrödinger’s Cat; offering a bridge connecting the perception of time and space relative to the quickening and advancement of our human evolution.

Through my life experience as a yogi practitoner and human being I have developed an activation process that is kundalini enhanced; an alchemically inspired dance of advanced breathwork, chanting, sacred postures,  & meditation combined with a hip-hop, urban beat and presence..resulting in the release of the cosmic divine feminine spark (Shakti or Shak) within our genetic substratum instantly expressing through the greater fabric of the Golden Means. Provoking A kalaidscopic  merging of spectacular high definition consciousness spectrums -resulting in incomprehensible  connection & insights; a profound awareness of the knower behind the thinker; the One that cannot be spoken of... A true union where the question and answer are ONE.

Yoga Alchemy located on the Big Island of Hawaii is a multifaceted activation hologram. The hologram's intention is to awaken the divine cosmic feminine (Shakti) within our genetic substratum so it instantly expresses through the greater fabric of the Golden Means... We offer multifaceted programs that include sacred geometry, sound, advanced breathwork, chanting and sacred postures. Some of these programs are framed within a high-energy hip hop, urban beat venue.

Yoga Alchemy of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii  is founded on the belief that all humanity is One and that the Divine upwells within each of us. Our Matrix is dedicated to promoting the integration of body, mind and spirit and living the Unified Field through the awakening of the Divine Cosmic Feminine. We support this philosophy through the teaching and practice of yoga, health & wellness programs, and services to nurture personal growth and community.