2012 Surfer Poll Nominees

Best Barrel / Melhor tubo
Ian Walsh, Fiji Freight Trains
Reef McIntosh, Fiji Freight Trains
Clay Marzo, Let’s Surf Seriously
John John Florence, Dear Suburbia
Shane Dorian, Seared Peahi
Dave Wassel, Fiji Freight Trains

Worst Wipeout / Pior Vaca
Mark Mathews, Fighting Fear
Laurie Towner, Immersion
James McKean, Immersion
Issac Stant, Seared Peahi
Matt Meola, Seared Peahi

Heavy Water
Mark Healey
Shane Dorian
Greg Long
Ian Walsh
Reef McIntosh
Mark Mathews

Best Short / Melhor Curta
Seared Peahi
Electric Blue Heaven
Fiji Freight Trains
Ward Stories, Barbados Episode

Best Performance / Melhor Performance
John John Florence, Get-N Classic Volume 2
Dane Reynolds, Dear Suburbia
Mason Ho, Elementary
Jordy Smith, Bending Colours
Jack Freestone, Daze at Sea
Chippa Wilson, Let’s Surf Seriously

Movie of the Year / Filme do Ano
Surf Madness
Bending Colours
Get-N Classic Volume 2
Dear Suburbia
This Time Tomorrow
Fighting Fear