"Pepper" Review

Musicaesurf.com “Pepper self-titled album review” 

Pepper is releasing their sixth album. And this is not only their self-titled album, but their best album. So we can economize words and describe the album like perfect and you will be right of this when you listen every song. But we would like to give you some details about each song. Getting started a infectious song. So when you have 5 albums and a solid crew of fans the hard thing it`s not do the same thing, but do a new thing and keep doing great. Getting started a infectious song “Deep Country”. This track in my opinion is diferente from all that Pepper have creating since they began. I feel some Red Hot Chili Peppers influence on this, and I think the word ”funky” on the lyrics maybe prove this feeling. This track is a deluxe intro and a hit too. Next we have the ever released single “Fuck Around (All Night)” and this song wins another dinamic along you heard fully the new album. Credits to Tim Pagnnota on the create of Fuck Around. And it stay different ‘cause with the abother songs you will not put all expectatives on this song, so likes be even better. The third song “These Hands” it`s so sweet and groove. This song deserves to be heard only for the bridge and the resumpton in the final part. It’s a sweet and powerful. So after this lovely song the album procced bright and with more powerful with my favorite track, Higher Ground is a ttrong reggae-rock, with the energy that only this band have. This is not only the best song on the whole album but their best song of all at this record. 

Next we have Hunny Girl, and this song give a sneak peak of all the vibes of previous records, this song is the most hawaiian song on the record. Kaleo and Bret sing along in this, so it`s a demonstration of what this three guys are doing, giving all three what the best that they can put their energy and talent on the record. So after this we have a brilliant song, so if Pepper is your favorite band, maybe you can ever head some Sabotage Soundsystem style on the amazing “Undone”, no more comments, just heard this. 

For the people that don`t have Pepper like your favorite band (until this release), Sabatage Soundsystem is the side Project of Kaleo Wassman (Guitar, Vocals of Pepper) and Remy “Dub” DeRochemont a very closed Pepper friend and that work with the guys too. Stay tuned that maybe we have a new release of Sabotage Sounsdystem sometime, and about the next stay tuned too ‘cause on the track number 7, “P.O.Y.L” a hip-hop track. Bret Bollinger is killing on this along SPLINTA, by the way Bret produced the new album by the hip-hop artist from Kailua Kona too and that belong to Pepper label Law Records. Like Sabotage Soundsystem we wait for SPLINTA new record too. 

The follow track “Push” would maybe put this album on the beginning of a level of normal album with the best songs like the first tracks. But is not this that happen, For to start the beggining the song is diferente from all part of all the songs that Pepper release, so this draws attention to this song, and this is just to you listen all song, and another time a great bridge. It`s importante to remember the produce of Matt Wallace on this album. So in the next we have another masterpiece here. “Come and Get Me can give the demonstration of what about this album is. All quality like musicans of the band members reunited and cmpact about to work the song on the best way. You can hear some The Clash and The Police influences on this track, it`s like this influences around there and that will meet and be among in Pepper party, and this is sure what Pepper show is! The tenth song is “Don’t You Know Me”, another great, but to resume, two words to describe this song... romance break-up. The guitar on the chorus can remind their song “Ashes”.  Speaking about old Pepper songs, “It Was You” was like the song “Nice Time” with a new vibe. Peppers is reiventing themselves from you own long way on the road making music, with all their virtue and influences, like being a influence to yourself, being new but being the same at the time. 

So to finish they presente the last song on the album. Illuminate will be for sure another of your favorites tracks on the record, not only they are creating amazing melodies with Bret’s voice on this, like Kaleo guitar is too much and Yee drums on the right rithym and time as like all the songs on the Pepper self-titled album.