Noelani Designs

"Aloha! My name is Noelani Love. I love my life! And I love sharing all the beauty in this world with those around me. I live on the island of Oahu and enjoy spending my time raising my amazing son, creating unique jewelry designs, and playing on the North Shore wonderland."

M&S: How Hawaii inspires your design? 
Noelani: My beautiful island surroundings are so inspiring. Living on the North Shore is so special! Everyday I get to see the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean and feel the sand on my feet. love the positive vibrations I feel from my community and my loved ones. I am inspired to make beautiful designs for women all over the world to feel my happiness and feel beautiful!  

M&S: How is the presence of beach and sea in your design?
Noelani: I think the colors of the ocean are always an intricate part of my design- the varying tones of blues and greens, as well as incorporating shells and pearls.

M&S: How did you start to create your own designs?
Noelani: I started creating jewelry for my friends as Christmas gifts, and they loved them. I started to make more when I was attending University as a creative hobby, and I enjoyed the process of creating something beautiful to wear. Now I get to create beautiful pieces for women all over the world to wear and enjoy!

M&S: What's your favorites surf artists?
Noelani: One of my favorite artists right now is Daina Deblette Scarola-she is a painter from Canada and has a very unique style of painting the surf. Very impressionistic and exhibits an emotional feeling of love for the ocean.  

M&S: Do you surf?
Noelani: I love to bodyboard and bodysurf, and sometimes I practice longboarding or shortboarding. But I really love to bodysurf and bodyboard 2-4 foot surf and am looking forward to getting lots of good barrels this winter!! 

M&S: Pepper it's the most famous band from Hawaii do you know them? 
Noelani: I do enjoy listening to Pepper- I have not met them nor have I seen them in concert yet, but I would love to some day. I love their passion for music and life and the way they creatively express themselves is a great for humanity. Aloha, Noelani  

M&S: Dou you know 
Noelani: I do know of FIRN- I think it's a very creative company with great potential to teach people about the beauty of incorporating art, business and lifestyle.